Metallurgical equipment

Metallurgical equipment business is originated from the pressurization workshop of CISRI (established in 1952) of the former Ministry of Metallurgy, which is one of the first units focusing on researching and developing pressurized metal working processes and equipment in China.

To today, the Metallurgical Equipment Department of AEET has successfully delivered hundreds of rolling mills and Hydraulic AGC systems.
Our advantages include clear process thoughts and good knowledge in material properties. With our profound R&D strength, excellent performance and good reputation, our company has developed into an integrator of mid- and high-end metallurgical equipments in China and an integrated designer of new processing equipments.

Shandong Shenglong 1000 rolling mill is equipped with high-power main motor and high-tension coiler. The raw material with thickness of 3.0mm x 925mm is steadily rolled for 6 passes to produce the finished product with thickness of 0.12mm x 925mm without intermediate annealing. Therefore, the production cost is greatly reduced by customers. The project is running well at present.


Metallurgical Equipment

As a medium and high-end metallurgical equipment and new processing equipment integrator in China, we have more than 50 years of research and development experience and have succeeded in designing, building and operating hundreds of precision cold rolling and fluid automation production lines.

Specialized in design and manufacture of precision cold rolling mill and temper mill, we can provide more than 20 types of single stand reversible or continuous rolling equipment with the width of 250mm to 1780mm, 4-high / 6-high / 18-high / 20-high and have put more than 200 sets of various types of machines into production.

Self-developed control system for temper mill
Rolling force fluctuation ≤ ±1 ton, constant elongation control precision ≤ ±0.1, which helps greatly improve the yield and economic benefits and allows the products to be widely used in China and exported overseas.

Hydraulic AGC and metallurgical servo control engineering technology is leading in China

AGC oil cylinder has replaced imported oil cylinder because of its excellent performance and been widely used by customers. We can also provide oil cylinder upgrading service to increase its performance and service life.


5-Stand & 6-High Tandem Cold Rolling Mill

Specialized in producing steel based sheet metal of tin plate as well as a set number of cold-rolled sheets。

Product Features

  • A large number of anti-scratching devices have been installed in the equipment to ensure the high surface quality of the tinned base metals;
  • Fully continuous rolling and two-uncoiling and two-channel designing are used for the whole production line;
  • The most advanced automatic flash welding machine is used with horizontal movable sleeves to ensure the continuous rolling;
  • Small roller diameters is used to reduce the gross weight of the equipment and significantly reduce the one-time investment;
  • The process sequence is reasonable to realize the continuous automatic roll changing. Fly cutting device is installed at the outlet of the mill. Two-channel and two-coiling mode is used for recoiling machine;
  • Flow splitting device and recoiling assisting machine are equiped.

Specifications and Parameters

Reversing Cold Rolling Mill

Advanced reversible cold rolling mill is an ideal scheme for medium and small scale production or small batch special steel rolling. According to the product plan and quality requirements, AEET provides 4 rolls or 6 rolls to meet customers 'needs for the corresponding products.

Product Features

  • Excellent process technologies and performance could ensure a good plate shape and high precision.
  • The products have won the 2nd prize of national scientific advance award and the 1st prize of scientific advance award of the Ministry of Metallurgy.

Compound Mill

Compound mills are used to produce metallic composite plates with layered-structure, or metallic composite strip with plain carbon steel based sheet, covered with stainless on both sides, and the contact surfaces of three-layer plate are the metal composite metal belts with solid phase metal stripes. The product quality could meet the specifications of
GB/T8165-2008 and GB/T17102-1997.

Product Features

  • The warm rolling process is employed to significantly reduce the requirement for the rolling capacity of the mill;
  • The operation cost is reduced and the composite strength is improved. 


Aluminum Rolling Mill

Aluminum cold rolling mill combines innovative design and mature technology. It provides both new rolling mills and renovation projects. It can produce aluminum belts at extremely strict tolerances and production capacity levels to ensure that the highest yield rate is achieved.
Meeting customer needs in transport, construction and packaging markets

Product Features

  • The rolling mill can both roll and roll, and the same set of mills can flexibly produce many products.
  • Fully integrated automation and drive ensure automatic equipment sequencing and improved mill operating efficiency
  • One-stop supplier of mechanical, electrical and automation equipment
  • Relying on advanced technology to help customers greatly improve the quality level
  • Modular automation packages allow you to refine your production processes as needed

Specifications and Parameters

AT&M Environmental Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.(AEET), founded in 2015.

AEET has set up three business segments, including Industrial Filtration & Purification, Clean Energy Engineering and Advanced Intelligent Manufacturing, covering:R&D and manufacturing of advanced porous materials and components, developing filtration, separation, concentration and coalescence technologies in gas-liquid-solid three phase, as well as designing and producing its integrated equipment; projectdesign and general contracting in areas of clean energy, clean and comprehensive utilization of coal, sulfur recovery, environmental protection & resources recycling, hydrogen energy utilization, VOCs treatment and so on; and developing new processing technology for advanced materials, designing and integrating its equipment, as well as building digital factory.

Focusing on energy cleaning utilization and clean energy technology, AEET is an integrated Environmental Pollution Control Service Provider with full competency of product R&D and manufacturing, equipment matching, system integration, engineering design and general contracting, aimed to realize clean process, emission reduction& harmless treatment, and resources recycling in industrial fields.