Sintered High Flux Tubes for Heat Exchange

Sintered High Flux Tubes for Heat Exchange could significantly reduce designed heat exchanging area, reduce equipment volume and save project investment.

The feature of high flux heat exchange tubes is that powder is composed on the base metal of heat exchange tubes to change the status of boiling surface to form porosity between particles and form nucleate boiling center, so as to change the mem-brane-shaped boiling into nucleate boiling and significantly improve the boiling heat transfer coefficient. 


Heat transfer of liquid-gas phase changing and boiling in the petrochemical, chemical and metallurgy industries, sea water desalination, natural gas storage and transport, air separation and refrigeration.


+ Double-side reinforced structure is used, such as outer longitudinal slots with inner porous or outer porous with inner slots
+ High critical heat load. The critical heat load of high flux heat exchange tube is about twice of that of ordinary tube
+ The boiling could be maintained at small temperature difference. With the same heat flow intensity, the effective temperature difference required by high flux heat exchange tubes is only 10% ~ 15% of that of ordinary smooth tubes
+ Excellent anti-blockage capacity and scaling resistance performance


Dimensions: Φ15~51mm; length: 1~15m
Porosity of the porous layer:
40% - 80%
Pore size of the porous layer:
Shear force of the porous layer:
≥150N/ mm
Total heat transfer coefficient:
≥3000 W/(m2.K)
carbon steel tubes, stainless steel tubes, copper and copper alloy tubes

To date, AEET’ s capable of manufacturing 400,000m/year high flux heat exchange tubes with excellent performance. At present, we are exploring markets and new applications and trying to provide our clients with more cost-effective products and better services.