HPHT fly ash filter is used for syngas filtration and dedusting in the process of pulverized coal gasification and lignite upgrading.

Construction Materials

Inter-metallic compound Fe3Al porous material instead of traditional ceramic material, characterized with high thermal shock resistance, as well as good compre-hensive mechanical properties, also has high temperature and corrosion resistance, widely used in the process of Shell、U-gas、KBR. 

In 2012, Shell authorized AT&M (AEET’ s shareholder) as the manufacturer of its HPHT fly ash filter cartridges.

Features and Benefits

+ High filtration precision and flow rate
+ High temperature and corrosion resistance with super length
+ The switching time for pulse back-blow valve less than 100ms
+ Special software to analyze filter flow and temperature fields
+ Stable and continuous operation


Since 2010, AEET’ s Fe3Al filter cartridges have been used in around 46 sets(around 60000 filters) of SCGP device including Shenhua Coal Liquefaction project etc, showing excellent performance in strength, filtration precision, differential pressure and so on compared with imported ceramic filtration candle, with maximum consistent running time over 4 years.
Fe3Al filter cartridges can keep its shape after long-time use with intact surface layer. It’ s repeatedly cleanable as ceramic candles, meanwhile keeping outstanding performance of high precision, flux and mechanical strength.