Construction of Hydrogen Energy Supply System

We provide a complete set of solutions of reliable and efficient hydrogen generation, hydrogen refueling and technical consulting service for H2 Energy Ecosystem building

+ Flexible solutions for different need of H2E applications
+ Key HRS equipments
+ EPC projects for HPU and HRS
+ Technical service for operation & maintenance of HPU and HRS

Dust Collection Filter of Continuous Catalytic Reforming

Used in the process of continuous catalytic reforming, and the filter can separate dust and other impurities (heavy metal, noble metal) from gas(nitrogen), as well as remove the catalyst residues in the reactor, regener-ator and delivery system.

Raw Oil Filter with Automatic Backwashing Technology

Used to purify raw oil in process of refining to remove sulfur, nitrogen, oxygen and metal impurities, to ensure the normal operations of other facilities of the system.

HDPE Filter for High Temperature Activation Furnace

The furnace is used to produce catalyst activated in a reactor for high density polyethylene Plant; and the lter, located above the reactor, is used to separate catalyst fines from the reacting gas (oxygen/nitrogen);

High Precision Slurry Oil Filter for R(FCC)

Used to filter and remove the catalytic fines mixed in the slurry oil, so as to make better use of the slurry in refining.

S Zorb Sulfur Removal Unit

Capable of removing sulfur to 10 ppm and lower (from >1000 ppm feed sulfur in one step!) for refiner, S zorb is used crucially in producing China V gasoline (10 ppm) for desulfurization; AEET has been proving cutting-edge filters for S Zorb Units totaled around 60 sets since 2008 in China.


HPHT fly ash filter is used for syngas filtration and dedusting in the process of pulverized coal gasification and lignite upgrading.

Construction Materials

Inter-metallic compound Fe3Al porous material instead of traditional ceramic material, characterized with high thermal shock resistance, as well as good compre-hensive mechanical properties, also has high temperature and corrosion resistance, widely used in the process of Shell、U-gas、KBR. 

In 2012, Shell authorized AT&M (AEET’ s shareholder) as the manufacturer of its HPHT fly ash filter cartridges.

Features and Benefits

+ High filtration precision and flow rate
+ High temperature and corrosion resistance with super length
+ The switching time for pulse back-blow valve less than 100ms
+ Special software to analyze filter flow and temperature fields
+ Stable and continuous operation


Since 2010, AEET’ s Fe3Al filter cartridges have been used in around 46 sets(around 60000 filters) of SCGP device including Shenhua Coal Liquefaction project etc, showing excellent performance in strength, filtration precision, differential pressure and so on compared with imported ceramic filtration candle, with maximum consistent running time over 4 years.
Fe3Al filter cartridges can keep its shape after long-time use with intact surface layer. It’ s repeatedly cleanable as ceramic candles, meanwhile keeping outstanding performance of high precision, flux and mechanical strength.

Nuclear Industry

High efficiency aerosol filtration elements and components are the important parts for the small chemical industry test sampling and analysis and the qualified exhaust of gases of nuclear power plants.

The metal membrane purification elements and components developed by AEET have won the first prize of the national invention award and many second prizes. 

Metal Membrane Micro Porous Material is a kind of Material with super high-filtra-tion accuracy, excellent cleanable ability and relative high permeability due to its small pore size, large porosity and small thickness, and pore size can be 0.1μm even less via composite processing technology.


The purification elements and components have an important role in the purification of hydrogen and its isotope gases, production of solid nuclear fuels, treatment of nuclear wastes and retired nuclear facilities, purification and discharge of nuclear waste gases and the civil nuclear power industry.