5-Stand & 6-High Tandem Cold Rolling Mill

Specialized in producing steel based sheet metal of tin plate as well as a set number of cold-rolled sheets。

Product Features

  • A large number of anti-scratching devices have been installed in the equipment to ensure the high surface quality of the tinned base metals;
  • Fully continuous rolling and two-uncoiling and two-channel designing are used for the whole production line;
  • The most advanced automatic flash welding machine is used with horizontal movable sleeves to ensure the continuous rolling;
  • Small roller diameters is used to reduce the gross weight of the equipment and significantly reduce the one-time investment;
  • The process sequence is reasonable to realize the continuous automatic roll changing. Fly cutting device is installed at the outlet of the mill. Two-channel and two-coiling mode is used for recoiling machine;
  • Flow splitting device and recoiling assisting machine are equiped.

Specifications and Parameters